Healthcare organizations, today, should deal with a remodeling business model where as meeting the pressures of the industry’s restrictive demands. At Flyingedge, we tend to change health care organizations to boost operational efficiencies, contour internal processes, modernize business and develop client intimacy, where as meeting restrictive compliance.

Client Challenges


  • Managing a changing business model: Shifting to a patient-centric healthcare system.
  • Coping with regulatory pressures for cost containment and alignment of incentives.
  • Handling digitized data from multiple sources, leading to a data explosion.
  • Implementing reforms to provide greater emphasis on wellness management and preventive care.


What Flyingedge provides

At Flyingedge, we’ve the expertise, experience and capabilities to assist you initiate and rework your aid enterprise. Our full services providing comprises of IT services, business method outsourcing, and consulting and infrastructure services.

Some of our focus areas include the following:


  • ICD-10 / HIPAA 5010 Legacy system modernization
  • Remote health monitoring health initiatives
  • Payer CRM initiatives Electronic health records and exchanges Health information exchanges
  • Healthcare infrastructure management and hosting
  • Healthcare analytics and business intelligence
  • Digital strategy Client Successes


We work with aid insurers and different payers to facilitate a seamless migration of their services to a future state driven by well-being, price certainty and worth to all or any stakeholders.