In today’s resurgent international economy, insurers get to concentrate on growth and improved client / producer expertise. We, at Flyingedge, perceive your ought to integrate the prevailing and disparate back-end inheritance systems to usher in flexibility and modify speed-to-market with product launches.

Client Challenges


  • Extended cycle times (especially for new products)
  • Pressures to leverage existing assets and investments due to reduced TCOs
  • Dynamic partner landscapes with demanding customers and stakeholders who demand better corporate performance
  • Disparate and cumbersome legacy systems that hinder efficient system integration with multiple trade partners to provide seamless customer / partner self-service experience
  • Increased need to streamline underwriting and claims management for improved costs and operational efficiencies
  • Constant need for innovation to retain market position
  • Enhanced self-service capability at all sales and service touch points
  • Lack of streamlined development, deployment and maintenance processes
  • Need for a more responsive / agile IT to meet business needs and requirements


What Flyingedge provides

Flyingedge’s insurance offerings square measures straight forward and economical, and nevertheless capable of refined practicality. Our full-services play offerings square measure backed by our experience across all business segments and therefore the entire insurance price chain leverage 3 decades of expertise with over ninety regional and international insurers. We tend to partner with you to give birth to effective amendment and tackle business challenges. At Flyingedge, we’ve got the expertise, experience and capabilities to assist you initiate and remodel your insurance enterprise.