Flyingedge’s boasts full-cycle project and merchandise development services. In full-cycle projects, Flyingedge’s group works as your complete answers provider: from ideas to conceive, development, implementation and support. The group works with clients to characterize their desires sharply. These are then written out by Flyingedge’s group as an obligations article and marked off by you. Flyingedge is to blame for Project designing and administration. Project designing is generally accomplished utilizing group feel/ MS-Project. Check plans are also drawn up by us. Programs architecture and design may be finished using Object-oriented values and tools (such as Rational increased/ UML), or as Structure journals, or other tools as needed by you. After a UI prototype, we go in the development stage proper. QA/testing and test case verification carry on in parallel to development. Normal code-reviews, algorithm innovations etc. are part of our development method and directed on each project. Build and issue designing, code freeze, UI freeze, etc. and project milestones are decided at the beginning of the task, and followed sincerely all through. Pre-release checking and post-release support ensure that clients get what they inquired for: full-cycle service.